On behalf of the Korean Diabetes Association, it is our great honor to have the opportunity to invite you to the 2013 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism (ICDM), which will be held at the Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel, Seoul, Korea from November 6th to 9th, 2013.

The first ICDM held in Seoul, Korea in 2011 was the first international academic symposia with Korean Diabetes Association as the main host. Approximately 3,000 participants across 20 countries have joined the conference amidst a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

ICDM has been settled the best conference as for sharing the recent diabetes knowledge in Korea. We feel confident that it is all thanks to the KDA and all participants in ICDM.

Plenary Lecture will start with Prof. Douglas C. Wallace and Prof. Roger Davis who are celebrated experts about diabetes with ‘A mitochondrial etiology of metabolic and degenerative diseases’ and ‘Metabolic stress signaling by the JNK pathway’. The famous researchers from USA, Japan and Korea will make their presentation. Each symposium is composed of Clinical diabetes / therapeutics, Diabetic complications , Obesity, Insulin resistance, Education and integrated care, Islet biology, Epidemiology/genetics so that participants are able to discuss their own scientific research field in depth.

This year, AASD (Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes) program will proceed in conjunction with ICDM2013. We believe our conference will be a platform of brilliance.

Finally, we would like to appreciate your deep interest and affection about ICDM. We hope all participants will give a chance to experience the modern Korean Culture. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Greetings from the Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD). In my capacity as a AASD Vice-Chair, I would like to welcome you to the ‘5th Scientific Meeting of the Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD)’ and ‘2013 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism (ICDM)’.

This year, the 5th AASD Scientific Meeting will be held in Seoul, Korea which was hosted in Japan last year.

AASD has been conducting research and treatment, and protection against the rapidly increasing diabetes epidemic in the Asian region more efficiently and actively. Diabetes experts in Asia have been making effort to gather a wide array of opinions and to form a strong network.

‘Pleiotrophic effects of incretins’, ‘Current status of bariatric surgery in Asia’, ‘Insulin resistance in muscle, ‘Beta cell pathophysiology and regeneration’ and ‘Diabetes in Asia’ were chosen as the 5th AASD Scientific Meeting themes, and experts will have their presentations as part of this collaborated effort.

We would like to inform all participants so they can improve prevention and treatment of diabetes in Asia. Your efforts will give hope to the increasing diabetes patients in Asia.

The 5th AASD Scientific Meeting will be an active and creative atmosphere, and we appreciate every interest and consideration you have for this event.

Thank you.
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